Sunday, 8 April 2012

Horse Fan Club International Promotions = Scam

Horse Fan Club International Promotions 25 Atlantic Avenue Erlanger HE5 8WD, London, United Kingdom. This is to inform you that you have been selected for a Cash prize of £600,000.00 GBP and a Male White Stallion Horse in our International program which was held in March, 2012 in London UK. Contact your Claims Officer: Mrs Gordon Sandra Email: When contacting her, please provide her with your secret Pin Code:TY7448500 and your Reference Number 799BV90. You are also advised to provide her with the under-listed information as soon as possible: CLAIMS REQUIREMENTS: 1. Full Name: 2. Address: 3. Nationality: 4. Age: 5. Sex: 6. Occupation: 7. Phone/Fax: 8. Present Country: Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!! Congratulations!!! Regards Mr James Pascal Jr. Lottery Manager

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