Thursday, 26 April 2012 = Scam

Attn: Message: Mrs. Justen Laurence Accountant with Eco Bank Dear One, My sincere Greetings and Happy day to you Excuse me for my intrusion into your private life, I am Mrs. Justen Laurence, My Occupation: Accountant in Eco Bank, I have a customer who died alongside with his entire family in motor accident he opened this account with our bank in 2006 till date no operation is carried out, This account has presented since in our books, an Account credit of $ 9.5 million U.S. dollars. After consulting meticulously all archives and records related of this account, I realized that I could easily dispose of the fund if I fined some one to transfer to his account outside a partner who is secret and honest that will assist in transferring or receiving of this fund by Immediate ATM Card Cash Payment System to any part the world, The owner of this account is Mr. Willes Sakus, An Expatriate Director of Petrol-Technical Support Services Inc,in Abidjan Cote divore a chemical engineer, he died in a Motor accident nobody knows the existence of this account has no other beneficiary both in family and his former company. I would like to transfer this money in account outside our country but I do not know anyone outside. I have seen your address in a site I would like you to assist me provide an account were this fund will be save for investment in your business field or a real estate management take care of me when I come over to your country after the transfer of this fund in your account this reason why I sent this proposal to you Percentages For Sharing is 50% / 50% for both of us, I know this message will surprise you because we do not know each other before, be assure is a real opportunity that I offer you if this proposal interests you kindly send your urgent respond as soon as possible for more information’s about this fund transfer procedures, Thanks for your acceptation Mrs. Justen Laurence

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