Thursday, 19 April 2012 +44-7031982446 = Scam

Dear Sir, Madam Please accept my sincere apology for this unsolicited mail to you. With due respect, my name is Dr. Bright Ben from Botanical Laboratory Company London, England. I am working as personal assistance to the manager director of a private firm that supplies crude extract/animal-care companies in UK. I contacted you regarding a business opportunity in our company. My proposal to you is based on our company urgent need for a crude extract called BAXNI LIQUID HERBAL. Recently came to know through a reliable source that these same materials our company are buying from Russia at the rate of $35,000 USD/Gallon (5 LITERS) are available in India at the rate of $12,500. USD/Gallon (5 liters) and our company are not aware of my discovery. I am soliciting you sincere co-operation regarding my personal interest in this business transaction that would be profitable to you and me. It is my sincere wish to entrust you with this project since I do not have the money to buy these materials and supply to my company. I intend to establish a mutual business relationship with you so that i can introduce you to my director as a supplier because I don't want to reveal the contact detail of the main supply I found in India. I want you to stand as a supplier and be a Middleman between our company and the local vendor in India. This is just a kind of buying and selling, you will buy the product from the local vendor at the rate of $12,500. USD/Gallon (5 litres) and supply to our company at the rate of $30,000 USD/Gallon (5 LITERS). I have the contact detail of the Indian supplier but I don't want to give it to my director due to my personal interest in this business. I contacted you so that you and i can team up and explore this business opportunity. If you can buy the samples from the local seller and sell to our company once my director shows interest to buy from you, i will provide to you detail information then we deliberate on how to supply to our company at a high rate. At the end of each transaction you will give me 20% commission from the total net profit accrued. These are my own personal opinions, if you have a different or contrary opinion let me know. On receipt of your positive response will forward to you detail information to proceed. Please reply through my private email address and call my mobile number for detail information. ( +44-7031982446 . Regard. Dr Bright Ben.

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