Thursday, 26 April 2012 = Scam

Private & Confidential. Dear sir, It is my pleasure to write you this mail. With due respect, I wish to transfer the sum of USD$25,550,000 to your account. This is part surplus of crude oil sales. I am a Group Manager with Shell Petroleum Nigeria Plc., This amount is currently placed under trust in our offshore account in Europe and I intend to close the deal with you in all honesty without threat to your personality. You are entitle to 25% share of the deal. A provision of 5% is allowed for contingent,10% for charity, while 60% belong to me and my colleague. Please we want to invest under your safe custody. Upon acceptance, kindly indicate your interest by a prompt reply so that we can proceed immediately to realize the fund to your account shortly. Thanking you for your kind Co-operation. Yours Very Truly, Barrister George

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