Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Microsoft promotion Email: mcrsft@kimo.com DIRECT TEL: +60164032493 = Scam

Dear Email Account User, Your email address has emerged as this Weeks lucky winner of our yearly Microsoft promotion. Your email address, Match 5 + 1 Star for the lucky numbers. You alongside 5 other lucky internet users have won the sum of $525,000.00 United State Dollars. For claims, contact the pay-out officer: Name: Dr Harry Yung Email: mcrsft@kimo.com DIRECT TEL: +60164032493 You are also advised to provide him with: 1. Full Name: 2. Address: 3. Phone number: 4. Age: 5. Gender: 6. Occupation: 7. Country: 8. Email Address: We know you must be excited and very happy about this news you have just received from us and the truth is that we are doing this to put smiles into homes and hearts of people worldwide. We are glad to have you as one of our luckily winners. Regards Co-ordinator Microsoft Malaysia

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