Friday, 27 April 2012 = Scam

Good Day Friend, I am Mr. Don Silver Joseph, Principal Assurance manager for the Royal Bank Of Scotland United Kingdom. I contactedyou concerning a very viable business opportunity which could be of immensesignificance in our financial lives at this critical time of global financialrecession. It is regarding the estate of a deceased client who isan Indian citizen who has an investment portfolio (with a sum ofUS$13,500,000.00 -thirteen million, Five hundred thousand United States dollars)placed under our bank's management some years ago. Upon maturity of said investment, our client didnt show up after a reasonableperiod of time and out of concern, an investigation was conducted and it wasconfirmed with concrete evidence that Mr Narayana Kanthav Raoand his wife Mrs Vani Narayana Rao and there only childvaishnavi Narayana Rao ,that alldied on an Air India Express , Boeing 737-800 from Dubai which crash onSaturday 22ND MAY 2010,as it overshot a runway while trying to landin southern India. Please see the websitebelow: A. B. /article435569.ece Hence i am inviting youfor a business deal where you can help me transfer the fund in your possessionand we will share this between us .if you are interested on thisproposal further details will be forwarded to you as soon as i receive your return mail ( Regards, DonSilver Joseph Email ID:

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