Thursday, 26 April 2012 = Scam

Dear MRS DAWN GREGORY It is my pleasure to have this opportunity to offer you a business transaction, which will yield high dividends for both of us.. The following is a brief overview on what the offer entails.. This offer entails you to stand as a supplier of a certain product to my company. I will secure a supply contract deal for you as our supplier of the product.This product is currently being sold by the manufacturer at a very low price and can be sold to my company at a much higher price.(The margin is over 90%) , getting my company to purchase the product at your fixed price is not a problem, my company is in need of this product. Basically what you are doing is to purchase this product at a relatively low price and sell it to my company at a marked up price, it is a legal transaction and I need you to partner with me on this project.please indicate your phone number in your reply Best regards Jennifer Albright

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