Thursday, 26 April 2012 = Scam

This message is reaching you from the Economic Crime commission Service of Great Britain, and my name is Agent Watney Blake a secret Agent of the Economic Crime Commission Great Britain. I have been instructed to investigate an Internet Scam crime in which you were a victim. This happen to you some time ago and we are sorry because the case file didn't get to our notice on time. let me give a clue of what i am talking about. Some time ago you where contacted through email my some unknown criminals with an information of a conference meeting that was to be held in this great country (Britain) and along the line these criminals asked you to pay some certain amount of money which you did. You even travel all the way from your country to UK just to attend the fake conference meeting which you were told about. on getting to the UK, you found out that is was all lies and there was nothing of such happening I think is little information is enough to remind you of what i am talking about. If you are truly the victim, them we have good news for you: the criminal who perpetrated that crime has been arrest and we just wanna make sure that we are talking to the right victim of that crime because there is an instant compensation of Five hundred Thousand pounds (500,000 pounds) coming to you from the COMPENSATION BOARD OF THE GREAT BRITAIN GOVERNMENT. but before then i will like you to reply back to us with a brief story of what really happened to enable us confirm that you are the right benefactor of this compensation to save us the mistake of paying your compensation into the wrong hand. do have a nice day as we await your urgent responds. Best Regard's Agent Watney Blake Economic Crime Commission Service Great Britain

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