Friday, 20 April 2012 = Scam

Since the present new South Africa. The SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK ( SARB) which over rides all banking system has cut across THE MONETARY POLICY COMMITTEE (MPC) and most banking system. And major policy has been established since the beginning of this year by (SARB) On January 1st 2012 as it first annual physical policy. Decisions to cut the policy/ financial institutions to be able to meet up with the world standard banking system were carried out.This was the first Consecutive cut starting from January 1st 2012 which affects all banking Sphere. The declining rate of the Rands to foreign exchanges was a major issue. The Rand initially ignored the interest rate but then Weakened to 8.20 per Dollar from the beginning of this year.SARB attributed this to many factors that led to the January 2011 rate cut, such as Subdued inflation and global Ressession, Millions held with various Bank which are not accountable to taxes,causing CPIX INFLATION which have move below normal rate In view of all these limitations the SA Government therefore come up with the 2012 policy for all major bank to summit all dormant Account for a certain period which have not been accountable to taxes to the SOUTH AFRICA RESERVE BANK,as an unclaimed funds if no one/relative makes a claim, or forfeited to the government treasury account as unclaim funds. Some years ago my client died with his entire family leaving behind such an account worth US$18.2M Dollars in my Bank where I work and no one has come forwardfor the claim. I contacted you because your name and email contact was among the findings that matches the same Surname during my quest to locate a relative,and would therefore love to Reinvest the dormant money to you,since you have the same surname.All necessary document needed to claim the Funds can be obtainable from all the various Governmental department if interested to help me. Please respond with the following to enable us to proceed in this matter to mark a begining of a mutual business relationship with you 1 Your Full completed names, 2 Telephone & fax number,3 occupation,4 address and age. Sincerely_!!!!, Mr.Jordan Molamu

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