Friday, 20 April 2012 = Scam

Dear, My greetings. I believe that this email has met you in good health but if not then your good health will manifest now. I am Mr. Jacob Saturou, a worker in a branch in one of the banks here in my country. I am glad to seek for your cooperation in this fasinating business opportunity designed to benefit the both of us. A consultant and contractor engineer who was a customer of our bank made a deposit for twelve calendar months valued at 9 . 6 M. Nine Million Six Hundred American Dollars in my branch. Soon after the maturity, as his account officer I sent a normal notification to the address on his file but never got an answer. Months later, as his officer I sent another notification and finally I found out that he died on the plane crash on the day of 26th December 2003 in Benin Rep. This also took lives of many people. As usual, my bank will attent to his next of kin. As his account officer, I investigated further to found out that he died with his wife and only daughter whom is his next of kin. Now, no other person knows about this account. I can give you proven evidence. The complete 9 . 6 M is still in my bank as dormant account. For years now no one has ever come to claim it. According to the banking law of my country this money goes to the government after 10 years if the owner died and nobody comes to claim it. I contact you because I want to transfer this money out of my bank to a foriegn account. I have done a proper line and plan of transferring it out of my country. If you grant me your cooperation it will be very easy and smooth for me. Also understand that the transfer will be made legally as a normal bank transfer. On the confirmation of the transfer, you will receive 25 percent of the 9 . 6 M for your cooperation. 75 will be for me because of all my expenses. I want to assure you that this business is note a risk because I am here in the bank that will do the transfer, I have set up everything into smooth running before contacting you. As you know this is something to keep to yourself only until we finish. If you want to know more on how to do it, please reply to the address below my name. Send your names in full, your address and telephone for contact whether you understand english or not. Your quick reply is important. Regards, Jacob Saturou.

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