Tuesday, 24 April 2012

drjdavidp22@yahoo.co.jp = Scam

OFFICE OF THE SENATE HOUSE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN PAYMENT (RESOLUTIONPANEL ON CONTRACT PAYMENT) IKOYI-LAGOS NIGERIA Our Ref: FGN /SNT/STB Your Ref ATTN: Beneficiary , COMPENSATION FUND RELEASE ORDER OF USD1.4MILLION Please, the entire members of the Federal House of Senate, on behalf of the Federal Republic of Nigerian Government, Under the auspices of the New civilian Head of State, DR GOODLUCK EBELE AZIKIWE JONATHAN and the Governor of Central Bank Of Nigeria , MR SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI held a meeting last week on how to redeem our good image out there as some Scam Victims who had been defrauded by Nigeria Scammers has tarnished our image as a Nation. We have discovered that Nigeria is facing humiliation from the entire world as a result of Long time Debt being owed to contractors,both foreign and local contractors and some inheritance funds and even from Scam Victims who go about destroying Nigeria Image as a scam Country.On trying to revert this immoral situation,we have decided to compensate all that are involved with the Sum of USD1.4MILLION so that they will help us redeem our good image to the outside world.Pending when we shall resolve every other logistics and the pay fully to those whom we are owing. Now you are directed to contact the Office of the Paymaster General Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr. David Johnson immediately so that he will pay you and fax you the payment Copy Slip and also you should reconfirm your banking Details , this is to avoid mistake while transferring your compensation payment to you today . ContactPerson:Dr. David Johnson Chinaka, Email: drjdavidp22@yahoo.co.jp Contact him now and inform him that you received an email from The Federal House of Senate Federal Republic of Nigeria , Instructing you to call him for immediate release of your fund and forward your Details to his office to avoid transfer mistake. NOTE : We have mounted our security network to monitor every in-coming call , if we still find out that you are still dealing with all those fraudsters that have been frustrating , I shall stop and cancel your payment immediately . Bear it in Mind that your Fund will be transferred by an approved Bank in United States of America. Best Regards SENATOR DAVID MARK SENATE PRESIDENT

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