Wednesday, 4 April 2012

+233546624728 = Scam

Dear in the lord of God, I am Esther Happy Girl, me and my little brother call Terry Billy ,we just came from Libya to Accra Ghana with my lath father two Consignment Boxes Which Contain $9 Millions US Dollars , to Accra Ghana in kowtow International Airport one week ago now, I was Heard by the Customs Officers in the Airport here, they Ask us to Open the Consignment Boxes to know what is inside, but we told them it is Precious items inside the Consignment Boxes, we Thank God the key to Open our Consignment Boxes I hide it before, so they Try to Open the Boxes but they could not Open it, so for that Reason they Charge us for Non Inspection Airport Arrive Fee ., as you be our Foreign Beneficiary we got your Contact from a Christian Brother who Came to Preach the Word of God at the Airport, we Disuse with him and we told him About our Problem and he Give us your Contact that we Should Contact you that you are the only one trusted person who can help us to Receive our Funds from Africa for Better Investment in your Country, that is why we are Contacting you now, for you to help us to receive our Funds from Africa, we want you to help us so that we can live the Airport, as soon as we just live the Airport we can Open our two consignment Boxes,after that then you should Direct us what to do to Transfer the money to you in your Country immediately, because our father together with my love Mother with our 3 brothers with my 2 Sisters together with my father one Barrister who are be working with he before all die in my country war, that is why we Run Away from the country to Accra Ghana Peace country,all my full family die in war,that is why we need your help, we Need your help, because I am 20 year old girl, my brother 17 year old boy,we are in refugee , Please try and Assisted us so that we can live the Airport today. Please Revert to us as soon as you receive this Message, Thanks may the peace of the lord be with you, call US+233546624728 I THANK YOU, I NEED YOUR URGENT REPLY, Best Regards, From Esther happy girl and his brother Terry Billy,

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