Wednesday, 18 January 2012 = Scam

Dearest With all sincerity and humility, it is with deep pains i write you this message of wishful assistance to my predicament.You might have heard or read about the ongoing civil war raged in my country, Libya. For over eight months bloody civil war, which I have never wittiness in my life time, except the ones I heard, ready or watched in the video cassette, the growing pains and deaths that ruling government troops and those of her current rivals and erstwhile allies have brought to the citizens of Libya, which recently laid to the sanction against Libya government by the United Nation (UN) it’s alies. The war has brought an untold hardship of large magnitude to many families in Libya including mine. In fact, right now I am the only surviving daughter of my father,who is one of the top officials during the regime of the dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi,s 42 years in power,but because of Gaddafi,s refusal to listen to the voice of masses which my father advices him, they got crash and my father decamped from his cabinet, then his so-called loyalist invaded our house and looted every thing, killed my father with three of my elder brothers in the scene, This, in fact, made my family a target of his loyalist’s persecution and attack, leading to the deaths of entire members of my family,i managed to escape from Mali to Burkina-Faso neighbouring country where my mother comes from, then am now living here as a refugee. However, we were very rich until the war broke out and changed my fortune for the worst. While going through my father’s business files, I stumbled on a letter showing the deposit of a vault with a security company by my late father before the uprising started in February 2011. I remember my father telling me one night to take care of it as the vault contains the sum of US$ 10 million of Dollar bills and precious gold of inestimable value that should be used to take care of the family and his business in case any thing bad happens to him during this war against their regime. Recently, I managed to contact the security company and they confirmed having such vault in their strong room. They however requested me to come forward to claim the vault as soon as possible upon payment of certain security fees which I do not have now because of my present predicament as a refugee. I have actually notified them that I will soon make arrangements to file a claim to that effect. You may be pleased to hear that I am currently processing necessary UN travel papers that can enable me to move out of Republic of Burkin-Faso to any choice country. Being financially and circumstantially constrained, I now seek your kind assistance in securing this vault on my behalf for safekeeping and high yield investments pending when I am able to secure my travel papers. Honestly, I am forced to seek external assistance because of my situation and have the confidence that you will not capitalize on my predicament to seize the money or cheat me out of the treasure after the conclusion of the business. My trust in you is based on my belief in God. Meanwhile i will not forget to explain myself to you,I am Miss Aicha Boudouh Ahmed 22yrs a student of University of Misrata,Libya. Please, respond to me urgently to confirm if you are in position to assist me or not so we can agree on terms and conditions of your assistance. If for any reason you are not interested, kindly please put me in your daily prayers for god’s continued protection and blessing in this regard. I sincerely thank you and look forward to reading from you urgently. Yours in need Miss Aicha Boudouh Ahmed

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