Sunday, 29 January 2012 = Scam

Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City, Johannesburg, 4320. Dear Valid User, International Bank Vaults(IBV) operates a secure safe deposit vault of valuable such as Gold,Diamond,cash, confidential documents or any other valuables for specified period of time with terms and conditions. One of the conditions is that if a deposits exceeds the period of time limits and the owner did not appear to renew the teams again, then the deposit will be returned to the Government treasury as unclaimed. We are the only private safe deposit vault in South Africa. For more details visit our website above. As an Executive member of this company my aim of contacting you is that I have cash deposit worth 52m$ that the owner has been confirmed dead by the wife but the problem is that the widow's life is in great danger in the hand of relatives that mastermind the killing of her husband over land dispute and sharing of family wealth. She needs a person to receive the funds in your country so that she can relocate to your country with her only daughter for safety and new life.If you are capable to assist this widow then get back to me so that I will update you with more details on the step by step means to move the funds to your country in your name successfully. It is 100% risk free and legitimate. As an insider, I have the capacity to influence the board/executives for change of ownership of the funds in your name with back up documents in time because if the deposit passed the specified time next month, the management will return the funds to the government treasury if it remains unclaimed I wait to hear from you and more importantly you have to treat this confidential.On the conclusion of this transaction, you will take 30% of the total transfer sum, while 70% will be for the widow. Beast regards, Mr.Gaff Osman.

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