Monday, 30 January 2012


HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED. Address: Headquarters: Bantian Longgang District Shenzhen, 518129 China :YEAR 2012 EMAIL PRIZE AWARDS: Dear Winner You have a CONFIDENTIAL MASSAGE from the Huawei Technologies Company global Limited on behalf of all staffs of the Huawei Technologies Company global Limited we, will like to officially congratulate you for the draw that was just held by our company, your E-mail was luckily drawn to be this year's second place winner of a Brand New 2011 Bra bus E V12 Mercedes car; Car Invoice: $715,000 USD and cash prize of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds (£1,500,000.00 GBP) Our Company holds promotions each year just to promote our global publicity and reputations as we plan to exploit more corners of the world with our highly valued products line, this promotion is just one of various ways we are presently using to achieve this global vision of ours. kindly be aware that the Huawei Board of trustees do not know you in person or your curriculum Vitae you are therefore required to send your C.V along with your Facial means of Identification on your contact with the Fiduciary Agent for documentation and processing of your payment, ensure you inform Mr. Mark Mitchinson who is our claims official in Europe, United Kingdom and can understand your English and some European Languages. See details of him below you are also required to expeditiously Contact the Fiduciary Agent for documentation and processing of your Cash Aid, between the hours of 8.00 am - 7.30 pm on Monday to Sunday also please endeavor to quote your Qualification numbers (CF0009284D) and Pin (004242004) in all discussions with your Fiduciary Agent Mr. Mark Mitchinson Fiduciary Agent E-mail: **FULLNAME: **COUNTRY: **OCCUPATION: **PHONE NUMBER(s): **DATE OF BRITH & SEX: **ALL CONTACT ADDRESS: Facial means of Identification should contain any of the above options, Drivers License or International Passport, as listed above note you must be 18 years or older to claim this prize. Late response is not accepted. Misconduct and non adherence to instructions leads to prize termination do not fail to keep your winning information Personal for security reason because the Company will not be responsible for lost of funds once again congratulations On behalf of the Huawei Technologies Company Limited Board, kindly accept our warmest congratulations from all our staffs on your consolation prize winning. ----------------- Yours faithfully, Sun Yafang Chairwoman Chief Executive Officer Notification Department. Copyright 2011©[HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED] all rights reserved®

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