Friday, 27 January 2012 Tel:- +15754126034 Fax:- +44138 4244 150 = Scam

Dudley Headquarters Russells Hall,Dudley West Midlands DY1 2HQ Great Britain {UK} Tel:- +15754126034 Fax:- +44138 4244 150 Dear Sir/Madam, It is a great pleasure writing you this mail. I am writing to you with a business idea. My company is into a business of supplying chemicals used for manufacturing Vaccines to veterinary companies here in the UK and abroad for the past few years and I was made to head the delegates who were assigned to procure this chemical from Asia. My name is Dr. Alan Watson and I am from Dudley Group of Hospitals, West Midlands Great Britain (UK). Dudley Group have been in business for more than 15 years. They are capable of buying this chemical at any quantity and our staffs are well trained to meet many expectations. After much planning and research, we have found that the Chemical can be richly found in the south east Asia for, which we can buy a large quantity at a reasonable price from India. The time has finally come for the company to send their procurement officer to the market to procure this chemical. I would very much like you to stand as the distributor of the chemical. This is because During our chat with the dealer, I came to know that the price that the dealers in India are offering the Chemical per Litre are much more cheaper compared to the price the company have allotted for the purchase. I want you to partner with me in the supply of the chemical and thereafter the profit will be shared between you and I. If you are able to supply 2-50 Litres in a month, though the number is negotiable, but I think that the qunatity would allow us to get started on the right light to the company. If you have any questions do contact me at Tel:- +15754126034 or Email:- I will give you all the detailed fact sheet with all the relevant information you will need. All the best, Yours Faithfully, Dr. Alan Watson, Dudely Group

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