Tuesday, 24 January 2012

keitayayaa@hotmail.com = Scam

Dearest One, I must say sorry for interfering into your privacy without seeking for permission. It's because of urgency of this matter. I'm the Director in charge of audit and account unit department, with a Bank here in REPUBLIQUE DU BENIN. I have decided to contact you for a mutual beneficial transaction with 100% risk free.In April 2006, Lu Yunpeng, a multimillionaire and president of Henan-based Yunpeng Cultural Development Co Ltd China moved some cash from Europe to our bank. The fund arrived during the time Lu Yunpeng was been tried for murder in China . As his account officer he instructed that I should put a hold on the fund that was supposed to go to China pending on the outcome of his trial. In May 2006 he was sentenced to death and the fund remained unclaimed till date. As his account officer I was aware that nobody knows about this fund movement except his cousin who was also sentenced to death with him. Please click this link for your own perusal: http://en.ce.cn/National/Local/200605/18/t20060518_7005764.shtml I want to utilize this opportunity and make use of this fund by transferring the money to you. I want to work with you on it.The amount involved is US$17,000,000.00 Seventeen million united state dollars.Please reply back and lets benefit from this golden opportunity.You are my first contact. I shall wait for days and if I do not hear from you, I shall look for another person. Contact me with my Private e-mail ( keitayayaa@hotmail.com ) Sincerely,

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