Friday, 27 January 2012 = Scam

MONEY GRAM MONEY TRANSFER REMITTANCE money gram Email ° ( Contact Name° Mr. Otutunzu Smith. Notification !Notification !! Notification!!! money gram money transfer do hereby write to bring you to notice that your total funds which worths the sum $2.3million deposited on your behalf but due to your delay and unable to afford our past charge of $130 USD the notification has came to our board member that we must be sending to you everyday according to our agreement here in this money gram after the meeting held together with benin intelligence unit and bank of african regarding these funds. And bear in mind that you need to reactivate your payment file which will cost the sum of $57 to able you start receiving per a day $7000.00 USD so note that we can,t be able to call any of our customer on phone due to this time we are very buzy but we only need your name to be register to our payment file and be advice to get charge of $57 ready once you receive this message to avoid any further delay and then start transferring your money gram payment every day per the instruction . meanwhile note that your funds will be transfer to you everyday $7000.00 USD until the sum of $2.3million is off from this money gram payment remittance office. so be advice to send our payment file reactivation charge with the below information and note that the transferring of your money gram payment of $7000.00 USD depends how long you delay to send $57 payment file reactivation fees today, Receivers Name:=======OSITA TONNY. Country/City:=======Benin Republic/Cotonou Test Question:=======HOW LONG? Answer: =========== NOW Amount:===========$57 MTCN;============ SENDER=========== Note that we will serve you better once you comply to this money gram today with the compulsary charge to reactivate your payment file here in this money gram and bear in mind that if your delaying leads your funds into cancelation of payment , we decline all responsiblity therefore be advice to contact Mr. Otutunzu Smith today with the request charge of $ he is incharge of your payment here. For instant discussion, you are advice to add money gram office on yahoo messenger with below ( Regards Mr. Otutunzu Smith

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