Saturday, 21 January 2012 = Scam

Dear Sir/Madam It is my pleasure to mail you, first of all i have to introduce my humble self to you, my name is Mathew Malika from Congo. My Father name is Chief Juma Malika and he owns the biggest gold and diamond company in Congo, during the time of the war, i was in the warehouse with my dad calculating the sales of half of the year when the Rebels, bursting in side the company of my late father, my elderly brother was been killed, and my father two hands and two legs was been cut off immediately, but God so kind I managed to hide myself, so when the Rebels left I have to escape with all the money which amount is $13 Million US Dollars, which I escaped to the nearby village ,them through there I met a Captain of a ship who assisted me to Ghana for safe keeping, so I needed a foreign investor who can invest this money for me wisely in his or her country, and then give me invitation to his or her country to further my education and also help me to invest this money because I am a still a boy, I will attach the necessary documents that’s covering my fund, but you can get in touch with me. please keep any thing between me and you very secret for good security reason send me your cell phone number as you receive my message my consignment in Ghana right now 39% will be given to you as my foreign partner while 1% will be for any expense made in this transaction for you to claim the consignment , while 60% will be for better investment in your country, while the capital will be with you that is what me and you will be sharing Wait for your immediate response, Matthew Malika Private Mail:

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