Tuesday, 31 January 2012

mshabangu@yahoo.cn = Scam

HOW ARE YOU, KINDLY READ THE ATTACHED FILE Dear, How are you and your family doing this New Year? It is about the fund transfer of my fund which I want to transfer to oversee for an investment through your bank account. I am seeking for your consent and cooperation to permit me transfer my fund to your bank account for a business project I have the dream to do. I am very sorry for not introduce my self first to you, my Name is Mrs. Susan Shabangu, I am a widow, with 3 children. My husband was a contractor and he died of an illness 2 years ago. Currently I'm working with the South African Parliament as a Minister of Mining of South Africa. You can view my profile at http://www.info.gov.za/leaders/index.htm then you will see o The President o The Deputy President o Ministers then click below Ministers by name, then click on my name Ms HI Bogopane-Zulu and you will have access to read about me. Before the death of my husband, there was several contracts he did with the government which pave way to our success financially and I help him with my connection in getting some of those contracts but I never knew there was some over invoiced payment deal he made with the office of the treasury that amounted an extra huge sum of money which worth us$30.5Million equivalent in United State Dollars. Now the president am working under his auspice has passed a secret bill to the South African Financial Crime Commissions department (SAFCC) to check on the contracts awarded since year 2000 till date including the assets and bank account of the Government Leaders. I have think and I can't stand for this fund if they government discover this fund in my Husband's account I will be hold responsible for not disclosing it to the Government and that will definitely bury my political carrier and my image as a person, which by law all my assets will be frozen still I face the law. My children are very young when lost their father and sad to see their mother going to rot in jail for what is not aware of. I am now contacting you for your urgent help to transfer this fund to your foreign bank account in your country or anywhere it will be safe for an investment. I have spoken with the banker and he accepted to be of assistance. Instead of losing this fund and still face the law, I am ready to share with you of the total sum of us$30.5Million 30/70. I and my family will take 70% and you will take 30% I will also settle the banker from my side. I am pleading to your understanding and interest to help me out from this situation. Kindly get back to me through my private email address following; mshabangu@yahoo.cn ASAP as this demands urgent response please. Thanks and remain blessed. MS. Susan Shabangu MINISTER OF MINING REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

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