Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Dear Sir/Madam, I Have 60kg Of Gold Dust . We are Highly Interested To Deal In A Long Terms Business With You, If Only You Can Understand Our Primary Problems. We Are Facing a lots of Problems in Our Mining concessions, Because we Lack Modern Mining Equipments And Machines,We Are Using Man Power To Mine,I Mean We Uses Local Method To Mine Such Has Been Resulting Loosing The Life Of The Workers In The Site For Lack Of Machines. For Now We Are In The Position Of 60 kg Of Alluvial Gold Dust 22+ Carats With 92% Purity And Our Local Price Is $42usd Per A Kilo,Upon Hearing From You Then I Will Disclose To You Exactly The Type Of Equipments Machines We Need For The Projects. Issa Nana.

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