Saturday, 21 January 2012

MC Donald’ Mega Prize TEL+34-688-202-195 FAX+34-917-692-841 = Scam

MC Donald's Restaurants Ltd: 11 - 59 High Road East Finches London, N2 8AW MC Donald’ Mega Prize Enjoy $650 form McDonald's in Spain Happy Memorial Day Eat Out, Spend Less Money! A day off from work and Enjoy $650, Thousand Cash prize, Sounds too Good to be true? We are giving out a consolation prize award – send us your winning information’s if you are lucky to receive this winning Notification and have your prize as fast as possible We want to know what you really think about McDonalds. Is it your favorite fast food joint? Participating! In the new McDonald’s mega yearly Promotion and win your total cash prize of Six Hundred and Fifty thousand us- Dollars! Your winning information’s should be sent to the email below For urgent response MC-Donald's Restaurants Ltd Email: Name: Max Lopez TEL+34-688-202-195 FAX+34-917-692-841 1) Full Name: 2) Full Address 3) Winning Email: 4) Tel.Number: 5) Options of payment/wire bank transfer/ certified check, 6) How do you feel as a winner? Immediately we receive the above Details you will be informing on how to Claim your prize in your Country within 24 hours, Congratulation Once more Trust in McDonald's Contact Events Manager -Name: Rev. Terry Wolfgang _________________

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