Monday, 30 January 2012 = Scam

REV SOLOMON JACOB OBOH OFFICE OF THE PAY-MASTER GENERAL EXECUTIVE DESPACTH OPERATIONS DIRECTOR OCEANIC BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC PAYMENT CENTER NIGERIA REGION PLOT 270 OZUMBA MBADIWE VICTORIA ISLAND LAGOS NIGERIA REF: PAYMENT CODE :WF-NGP23/857/MCL5/CO GRANT NUMBER: WF/NG-MICC/97846563459/209 SUB: IRREVOCABLE AUTHORIZATION & MANDATE TO RELEASE YOUR OUTSTANDING PART PAYMENT OWE YOU VALUED USD $9.5 MILLION THROUGH OCEANIC BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC VIA PLATINUM VISA ATM DEBIT CARD . CONGRATULATION! CONGRATULATION !! CONGRATULATION !!! ATTENTION: BENEFICIARY, This is to inform you that we have been directed today by the highest authorities been the latest instruction from Mr. President,Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, , BNER, GCON GCFR Federal Republic of Nigeria , in conjunction with other concerned countries that has come together as one re-union organization due to the delayed you have had at the past concerning the release of your payment owe you since the previous office that was suppose to effect your payment entitlement to you as the beneficiary of the funds.Be inform that we have now been given the irrevocable RIGHT AND PRIVILEGE TO FACILITATE THE FINAL RELEASE OF YOUR FUND IMMEDIATELY IN YOUR FAVOUR VIA A "OCEANIC BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC" VIA ATM PLATINUM VISA DEBIT CARD SINCE YOUR NAME, E-MAIL ID AND OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION ARE STILL REFLECTING ON OUR CENTRAL DATA BASE SYSTEM AS THE BONAFIDE BENEFICIARY OF THE CONTRACT INHERITANCE AWARD WINNING PAYMENT WHICH WAS SELFISHLY DELAYED BY SOME CORRUPT OFFICIALS AFTER THE FUND WAS APPROVED BY THE PAST ADMINISTRATION BEFORE OUR OFFICE HERE IN LAGOS NIGERIA WAS MANDATED NOW TO TAKE OVER THIS PROJECT AND ENSURE YOUR FUND IS RELEASE TO YOU WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY VIA ATM VISA DEBIT CARD,Due to the numerous fraudulent activities by the past administrative couple with the unnecessary delayed caused by the past officials as stated above, we have resolved to implement the use of the Platinum Atm Visa Debit Card, which is the 2012 NEW YEAR method of payment Fiscal FIRST quarter of the year that was introduced by the highest authorities of the world been the incumbent Government of the United States of America and other other countries in other to prevent frauds and at the same time facilitate the irrevocable and immediate release of your Payment to you via this new year approved payment method since the funds is to be release in your name &favour now as the bonafide beneficiary and the ATM Card issued to you upon your urgent response. IN THIS PROPOSED PAYMENT SCHEME, YOUR PART PAYMENT OF YOUR FUNDS OWE YOU HAS BEEN CREDITED AND PROGRAMMED ALREADY INTO THE NEW PLATINUM ATM VISA DEBIT CARD VALUED AT (USD $9.5) NINE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATES DOLLARS, WHICH WE WANT TO DELIVER TO YOU NOW TO THIS EFFECT, YOU ARE ADVICE TO GET BACK TO US ASSIGNED ZONAL OPERATIONAL RELEASE/DESPATCH MANAGER VIA OUR DIRECT CONTACT E-MAIL, SO IMMEDIATELY WE HEAR FROM YOU, WE SHALL HAND OVER YOUR ATM CARD TO YOU IN PERSON AS THE BENEFICIARY. ALSO NOTE THAT THE UNITED-NATIONS INCONJUNCTION WITH THE (/IMF) , HAS ALSO MANDATED US TO GIVE YOU 100% PRIVILEGE TO CASH A MINIMUM OF US$5000.00 TO US$15,000.00 ON DAILY BASES IN ANY AUTOMATE TELLER MACHINE (ATM) WITHIN YOUR CITY AND ALL OVER THE GLOBAL WORLD, SO BE REST ASSURED THAT WE HAVE CONCLUDED EVERY NECESSARY ARRANGEMENT ON HOW YOUR PLATINUM ATM VISA DEBIT CARD WE BE HANDED OVER TO YOU UPON YOUR RESPOND TO OUR OFFICE FOR IMMEDIATE COLLECTION OF YOUR ATM VISA CARD For your information, be advise that your mutual compliances and urgent response to this matter will facilitate the irrevocable release of your Platinum Atm Visa Debit Card to you which will enable you either to make withdrawals at any ATM cash Point centre or at any bank close to you without any delay what so ever with a maximum withdrawal limit of US$5000.00 to US$15,000.00 on daily bases in any Automate Teller Machine (ATM). This development was introduced after series of crucial meetings held with the highest concerned offices, banks, UNITED-NATIONS IN-CONJUNCTION WITH THE (/IMF) and other payment stations as a solution to facilitate the immediate release of all outstanding yet unpaid foreign payments owed to various beneficiary's including yours and the new initiative will really help us to put a STOP completely to the unnecessary delays for not releasing beneficiary's payment claim due to them and this will also help this executive office put in place to curb the constant fraud activities associated with payments such as this. However, for the purpose of official verification among other relevant details, It is imperative that you supply us with the following requirements to enable us hand over your own issued ATM to you immediately we receive this below information's from you 1. YOUR FULL NAME. 2. FULL ADDRESS 3. OFFICE OR RESIDENTIAL TELEPHONE AND FAX NUMBERS 4. ANY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION FOR RECORD PURPOSE. 5. OCCUPATION & POSITION HELD AT WORK: (6) AGE Further more you are advised to contact us back immediately for immediately release of your PLATINUM ATM VISA DEBIT CARD, SO AS TO ENABLE US CONFIRM YOUR NAME, REGISTERED ADDRESS TO AVOID UNNECESSARY DELAYS AND COMPLICATIONS TO ENABLE US RE-PROGRAM YOUR DETAILS IN OUR CENTRAL DATA BASE SYSTEM. UPON RE-CONFIRMATION OF YOUR PARTICULARS AS REQUESTED ABOVE WHICH IS TO FURTHER PREVENT US FROM ANY MISS-PROGRAMMING OF YOUR INFORMATION WHICH SERVES AND MAKES YOU THE sole beneficiary of this payment owe you in regards to the release of your Platinum Atm Visa Debit Card and the card will come to you with an already programmed pin number. Be inform also that you will be required for your own safety to change the already programmed pin code to any new (4) four digit pin code of your choice at any (ATM) Automate Teller Machine close to you, or at any bank in your state. On receipt of your immediate response, further directives shall be made available to you once you we received your urgent response with the information above to enable us facilitate the release of your Platinum Atm Visa Debit Card. I look forward to hear from you asap due to the limited payment time frame given to us for this final disbursement of your owed debt funds to you speedy. Yours Faithfully, REV.SOLOMON JACOB OBOH OFFICE OF THE PAY-MASTER GENERAL & EXECUTIVE DESPACTH OPERATION MANAGER OCEANIC BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC PAYMENT CENTRE OCEANIC BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC (RE-UNION) HEAD BANKING DIRECTORATE AMERICA/EUROPEAN/ASIA/AFRICA COORDINATE OFFICE IN CHARGE OF RELEASING OUTSTANDING FOREIGN PAYMEN

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