Friday, 27 January 2012 = Scam

OFFICE ALLOCATION/ 7812 Parakuo Office Old Road Avenue Benin Rep. WEBSITE/ HOT-LINE +22998833498 MOTTO/ TO SERVE THE COUNTRY WITH HUMULITY AND UNITY Good day, before I commence I will like to indicate my gratitude well know to you, it might sound you ridicules, this message is from the department of government of Benin Republic West African, why I took the obligation to write you is that I as the president of the nation are having a great problem with the united nation and Korean embassy here in my country all because of you. Now I want to let you know that it have been a war here for a week and two day now, so I decided to control everything with my veto power bestowed on me as the president of the country you can go through my profile so that you will get me right ok now I want to share this with you and I want you to tell me the whole truth and nothing but the truth so that I will know how to face the circumstance, have you been sending fee to this country? 2. Have you received any money from any one from this country? 3. Can you state people whom you have been sending money to and with their phone numbers? Please I need your urgent respond and I want you never put fear in this matter just be sincere with me and tell me how thing have been all this while, am having problem now with united nation and Korean embassy here, putting me and my country as a fraudsters on BBC NEWS so your name was among those been scammed from my country and I will like you to indicate to me perfectly. Waiting to hear from you toward these imperative thanks. Sincerely, His Excellency Dr Thomas Yayi Boni E-Mail:

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