Sunday, 29 January 2012

Microsoft Mega Jackpot Lottery = Scam

MICROSOFT CORPORATION INC. REGISTERED UNDER THE DATA PROTECTION ACT OF; (Registration MSN560601Z). The Microsoft House Prescot, London E1 8RP. United Kingdom. Attention: Lucky Winner The Microsoft Mega Jackpot Lottery, United Kingdom wishes to inform you that the results of our First Quarter E-mail Online Lottery Bonanza Program held in Great Britain is out. Your e-mail account have been picked as a certified winner of a lump sum pay out of 1,550,952.00 GBP.(One Million Five Hundred And Fifty Thousand Nine Hundred And Fifty Two Pounds Sterling) credited to MICRO LOTTERY CHIP NO:9465206. The winning ticket was selected randomly from a data base of internet e-mail users, from which your e-mail address came out as the winning coupon in this category "1st Quarter" ballot lottery. You are therefore required to acknowledge the receipt of this mail immediately for claims proceedings: You are to contact the claims consultant with the details below: Contact Person: Mr. Nicholas Caldwell. E-mail : KINDLY FILL THE CLAIMS REQUIREMENT FORM BELOW: 1.Full name: 2.Home Address: 3.Age: 4.Sex: 5.Occupation: 6.Phone Number: 7.Nationality Yours Sincerely, Dr. (Mrs) Elizabeth Kelly Lowry. Online Coordinator Microsoft Mega Jackpot.

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