Tuesday, 24 January 2012

stevenabramsjp@yahoo.com = Scam

"To whom it may concern" if you are not up 27 years please don't reply this letter is this is a DEAL and need a serious and fearless personal to help on this. I am Steven, 29 years. I'm currently locked in a prison yard sale in Kirrikirri Mizimon prison yard in Lagos Nigeria,I am sending you this email with prison internet facilities. I was sentenced for 8 years and I have served for 6 years, hoping to hop off from here by January 14, 2014. I was sentenced because of (50 million euro). I was a personal drive off one of Nigeria rich man, former president of Central Bank Of Nigeria. Mr. Solo 0Udo. I sense that the content of the boxes will be money because of the way the boxes looks. One day I made up my mind to thief the money and run away, but I know that if I run away their will still be no where for me to hide as all my address and photo passport is with the authority; I decided to steal the money and stay and go to jail , after all is better to serve the jail and be a rich man all my life. So one good day, He gave me two blue trunk boxes to deliver to his friends house, as he often does. and send a police man that will go with me, I kill the police man on our way and drive the car direct to my village which is about 60 km from Abuja FCT. In my village I took it inside a deep forest and dig a big hole and bury the boxes there. I gave myself some serious injury all over my body and brook the glass of the car to show that we are attack by the arm robbers. I came back to my office with all my body blood, my boss call the police to question me off which the police did, I told them that we are attack and the police did not find me innocent and they take me to court after some days and they jail me for 6 years. I will like you to help me so that I will ship the boxes to you for you to hold it for me and invest it wise until I come out, I will tall you more on how we will proceed when I read from you. write me with this my privet email, stevenabramsjp@yahoo.com Thank you. Stev.

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