Friday, 20 January 2012

315-307-4099 = Scam

With code of conduct (ATM-212). Attn, Beneficiary. Listen very carefully... Enough is enough, I am writing to remind you about your package ATM CARD in my office and to alert you about our weekly action concerning every old packages in our offices. Like i told earlier, your package "ATM CARD" have more few days to return back to the Bank and you think i am lying to you. Now we have started retrieving every old packages in our various offices, Yesterday we returned about 23 packages that have spent more than enough years in our office here in New York, while we shall also return 42 packages today and each one that returned back will be canceled.. Be advised that your own package ATM / CARD is at risk because the BARCLAYS BANK / WORLD BANK GROUP have given us the final mandate concerning your ATM CARD in our office.. If you do not put any effort to receive your Payment ATM CARD this week then we shall stop the whole transaction and send the ATM CARD back to the Bank because it seems that you are not serious about it.. Now i want to use this opportunity to clear your mind about the hold-up of your payment ATM CARD. Like i told you previously, before we make any delivery both Local or International, the beneficiary have to clear out his/her consignment which is to pay the Insurance fee of $220 dollars to avoid wrongly delivery, cause of embargo, and in-case of loss or damage. So try to understand that the only thing holding us now to deliver your payment ATM CARD to you is this fee of $220 dollars for the Insurance Coverage.. I assured you that after you make this payment, your package ATM CARD will be delivered to you withing 24 hours. So kindly go to the Western Union now and send this $220 dollars for the Insurance Coverage to this appropriate cashier officer in-charge to receive the payment, then i will deliver your package ATM CARD the next day to avoid returning back. See the below details to send the fee. ********************************************* Receiver Name: MR. SAMUEL GANTI. Receiving Country : MALAYSIA. City Address :: KUALA LUMPUR. Amount to send :: $220 .00USD. ---------------------------------------- Upon your payment receipt, you are to disclose the following payment details to us for confirmation: Sender First Name and Last Name: Money Transfer Control Number(MTCN): ----------------------------------------- As soon as the above payment details is provided and confirmed by my office, i will quickly make the delivery to you withing 24 hours. Thanks. Dennis Bennett. FedEx Delivery Officer. United State. Phone :: 315-307-4099.

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