Saturday, 30 November 2013 = Scam

Dear Beloved,

Hello and how do you do today?. I don't really know if i am doing the right thing but i have no choice than to go about it this way. I decided to let you know little about me and something that could interest you,though i feel reluctant talking about this here but i am trusting again,nevertheless i have been hurt and heart broken but i am not scared to fall in Love and trusting again to the right man or interested business partner.Its a pleasure anyway

MY late Dad worked with Oil Contractors in Asia,Europe and some part of Africa. I worked with my dad as his personal Auditor and we move around in few occasions for his contracts wherever it was awarded. My ex boyfriend{James Coker}broke my trust by defrauding me of the money my late dad entrusted in my care,i did it just to help him because of the love i have for him not knowing he has a different plan to abscond with another lady...This brought about my distrust and conflict between me and my dad, because he thought we had the deal together,not knowing that i'm innocent of the theft,just that i was vulnerable! Few Years Later,we made up and he passed away.

I left the United State to Ghana to lay claims on my late fathers inheritance because i got to know about a contract he executed with the Ghana Gold Coast and yet to get the funds,so i came to claim the funds for the contract and get it over to the state of anywhere possible,where i am promised and assured of a better life with either a soulmate or a business partner...Now,i am in need of your help,though i don't know if you are single or married,that notwithstanding...Either way is ok but i am just looking for an honest assistant who can help me since i am a foreigner here and this is absolutely dangerous for me as a woman in a strange country..This is why i need your assistance.

Here is a hint and how you can help me...My late dad deposited his inheritance boxes with a security company here in Accra Ghana{West Africa} also he told me about the over invoiced contract he executed in a total sum of $2.7million which he stuffed in two trunk boxes before he deposited it with the security company in Ghana.I have contacted the security company with all the required documents and confirmed the boxes in their custody..The boxes are well secured with codes known to me alone because my late dad revealed it to me before he passed on.If you are interested,i will like to partner with you in trust and honesty and have the boxes delivered to you.Every arrangements will be made perfect and will obtain custom papers for private freight so the seal on the boxes shows its private delivery and checks performed,also this will make it free from customs checking and will be delivered at your door steps by the diplomats of the security company,but this can only be done once you agree to help me considering my plight here..Like i said before the boxes has a security lock code and cannot be tampered on delivery to you.Therefore,i need you to contact me as soon as possible so that we can get to know each other better and proceed with contacting the security company on my behalf,then you can make clearance from the security as the recipient of the boxes with the important information's i will send to you.Once this is done and the shipment made,i will be with you in your country or where ever you choose we meet..I know nothing goes for nothing so i will be offering you 20% of the money just to show my gratitude and appreciation for your kind gesture.I plan to make this possible before Christmas so i can be in the State and out of this country Ghana.

I will be very glad to hear back from you real soon.Feel free to ask questions on what you don't understand so i can get back to you more comprehensively.Contact me on this private email address:

Yours Sincerely,

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