Tuesday, 17 January 2012

dennisugo@ymail.com dennisugo1@yahoo.com = Scam

Dear, Representing the 50% I considered your position before I made this consultation. My name is Mr. Denni Harry ,I am attorney to chief Douglas Martin, an industrialist, Oil and Gas merchant until his death last month. I have represented his investment interest for over 25yrs now. On June 13th, 2008, he summoned me to his office to commence his WILL process. That was when his health condition became worse. He eventually died on 27th November, 2011, leaving the WILL uncompleted. The burial arrangement is in progress now, and according to his instruction, the WILL will be announced one month after his burial. Chief was a successful business man, I want to include your name in the WILL as his foreign business partner who according to him, should inherit 50% of his account in the UK Bank. I want to do this before presenting the WILL to his family. The family does not know about the UK account. I will get the letter of administration for you to represent the 50% of the UK account.I have the WILL with me and no member of his family has seen the WILL and the UK account is not yet known to them..Can we work together? Respectfully yours

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