Wednesday, 21 September 2011 = Scam

Dear You
I am indeed delighted and excited to reach out to you through this medium,
even though it is not crustily
But to make this bold decision to contact you because of the urgency
required to ascertain an existing
business opportunity.
I am Mr.Wayne Thompson of Barclays Bank, New York, an information
technology expert currently working
with the credit control department of the bank.I have in my possession
credit instructions from world
space center.NY, for payment to a supply firm, whose owner recently had a
car accident in western Colorado
.Read this websites:(1). HTTP/
Wyly -killed in Colo-084619180.HTML.
(2) Wyly1085917.HTML
The amount involve is very reasonable, I intend to divert this payment
with your
permission into a trusted company bank account you can provide,
immediately after this I will resign my
appointment with the bank for private business practice in my Country.
The only requirement for this deal is for you to provide for me disket
KTD66C software
for swift machine, model KT 600 /700 immersat.
If you are capable and in position to handle this transaction, I requires
restitution from you on this subject matter, write to me with your
conditions to facilitate the deal.

Mr.Wayne Thompson

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