Wednesday, 21 September 2011 = Scam

Dear Friend,

I am directing this to you, and pray you see it in good time as the
situation requires very urgent attention. I am of one of US Military
one of the few still stationed in Iraq, I need to discuss some personal
with you.

I know how difficult it may be to trust people you hardly know in matters
this because of the numerous scams transmitted via the Internet, but I am
willing to send to you adequate proof of my identity as soon as we agree
to work
together, and of course if I can be assured that you will not use that and
other information I would be sharing with you against me in anyway, if my
intentions are genuine, and for our mutual benefit.

I will be in some kind of mess in a couple of days if I cannot find a
to take care of some very huge amount of money in US$ bills that I have
concealed here for 9 months. I will require someone outside Iraq to take
care of the pick up, and that is what I want us to discuss.

I am offering you $ 6M ( six million US $ ) as your share for your
role if we agree to work together. Please get back to me so we can discuss
details, and should you have any reasons to reject this offer, just delete
mail and I will never bother you again. I appreciate your understanding.

Please do write back through the email address below

( )

Greg Hicks

( )

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