Wednesday, 28 September 2011 = Scam

Mrs Eman Al-Obeidi

Compliments and hope you are doing fine.

With a very desperate need for assistance,Please Read Through my mail , I have summed up courage to contact you. I found your contact particulars in an address journal when searching for a reliable and trust worthy person that can help me to receive total of $17,500 ATM Visa Master Cards cash concessions out of Libya.

However, i understand that the internet has been insulted by scam and fraud stars who tries to rip off people of their hard earn money. but am a Muslim woman, i cannot lie to any one because it is against my religion.i was gang raped by Gadhafi's troops

i swear with the name of Allah that what am telling you is the truth and please for my own security keep these matter to your self names are Eman Al-Obeidi 29 yrs,a wife to one of Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi`s closet enemy my husband is ready to die if Gadaffi will still remain in power, because Col. Gadaffi made us lose all our family and kids. and the same day i was gang raped by Gadhafi's troops who broke into the house to steal from us.

But why am writing you this email is because the trouble is too much for me and my kid, we were now hit by the bomb sent by NATO forces and we are all presently writing from the private hospital here in Libya attached to the UN refugee centre for Timisoara-Romanias

Please i want to entrust into your care because i don't know if we will come out of these war. i have 7 ATM Visa Master Cards Cash Concession , which we want to use any time we go abroad America Europe Asia just any where in the world and in each of the Concession i have over $2.5 million dollars cash in each of them. presently we at war the Concession is not safe here in Libya no office and machine work here.

If Gadaffi remains, my husband will be prosecuted. because he is one of his enemy .so i have sent out all my ATM Concession out of Libya. it was packed sealed as wall clock and laptop Concession. sent to Ghana and presently the Concession is with my cook who ran to Ghana when the trouble was just too much. i gave him the Concessions to take with him and keep it until i contact him for it, he is not aware of the contents.

As soon as i receive a mail from you including your details, i will forward it to my cook , so he can send you the Concessions to your address when you receive it you open up the Concessions Box you will find $17,500 in both of them. i will send you the pin code for each of the Concession as soon as you confirm you receive the Concession . you can remove $2,500 dollars from each of the Concession

Everyday you can remove total of $17,500 with all the Concession and keep $7,500 for your self each day then i will send you a new account where you will be paying in $10,000 dollars daily for me, the point is i have to remove all the funds from all Concession Box because if the war ends my husband must be in trouble with Gadaffi.

Please nobody knows about what i have just told you even my cook in Ghana believe it is just a clock and a laptop boxes. and he is waiting for my orders to send the Concessions to wherever i instruct him.if you can handle these for me then please forward all your details right now and i will send it to him, to enable him send the Concessions directly to you.

i will give you other information's,thanks and Hope to hear from you soon..

Eman Al-Obeidi

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