Wednesday, 18 January 2012 = Scam

Ansbacher Finance Group Ltd. Ref: Anb/Ift/0769 Rc: 2354523 Delivery of Consignment Cargo. Hello, My name is Micheal Dodson, i urgently need your personal assistant concerning a lost CONSIGNMENT for the past seven days on delivery of some CONSIGNMENTS CARGO with some FG DIPLOMATS. Actually one of the payment they were ask to deliver to one (Mrs. Vicky Stuart ) cannot be transacted due to the beneficiary cannot be reached; the consignment is worth of $3.2MILLION U.S DOLLAS. As a DELEGATE APPOINTEE on assignment, i have discussed with the DIPLOMATS that has the sole responsibility delivery of this particular lost consignment that i have someone we can pay off the funds to avoid taken risk going around countries with the lost consignment cargo voucher. I'm requesting your partnership and honest assistant to pay off this consignment to you as the beneficiary, if this will interest you kindly contact me as soon as possible to discuss regarding the delivery of the Consignment to you before the cargo departure at terminal. You are entitled 25% from the said funds upon mutual agreement immediately the transaction is been handled sucessfully. This is an opportunity for you so don't loose it. There will be a diplomatic immunity that will warrant the airport authority not to search their cargo based on diplomatic immunity, unless reverse is the case that the beneficiary shows up then the DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY is automatically revoked and it will be opened. This is the reason why is always preferable and better that DIPLOMATS deliver consignment by themselves to the designated address or office. Please contact me with an immediate answer and i will get back to you with more details. My Private E-mail: Yours Sincerely,

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