Wednesday, 13 July 2011 = Scam

Faith Ministry Church .
Good News

Compliment of the day to you and your entire family, You have a good news from A Woman Who have touched by God to WILL/donate what she have inherited for the good work of God. & also to help the motherless widows and less privileged.
I just wanted to use this opportunity to announce to you that the woman has die after her death an organization claimed the fund after she gave them the authority to claim the fund for the use of the church.

She instructed the bank to pay in ($650,000usd) Six hundred and fifty thousand dollars into a master card in your name,

The woman instructions is you take about 20% out of the money and keep with your self and now distribute the remaining to charity organizations around your country. She did not say you must put the whole money to charity organizations rather you reserve a little for your personal care.

Now the master card is in my care and I expect you to send me your contact address to enable me post it to you.

Waiting for your urgent responds.

Your in service
Rev. sister Stephenie EmileReverend.Sister Stephenie Emile
Faith Ministry Church .
Avenue 6 Rue duBishop James E. Tyson, Pastor & FounderChrist Church Apostolic, Inc.

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