Monday, 11 July 2011 = Scam

Good Day,

Business Proposal.

Sorry to bother you, I know we haven't spoken before but I'm currently looking for someone trustworthy to work with me on a profitable project.

My name is Mr. Steve Morgan, I'm originally from Netherlands but now living here in Scotland. I moved here to work with Royal Bank of Scotland as a Senior Account Manager in the audit department.

The reason for my email is that there is an account which was opened in 2000 with the sum of Ј7.5m(GBP), since then there has been no activity on the account. with the interest which has built up over the last few years, the balance of the account is now Ј9.7m (GBP).

Only me and a friend of mine, one of our audit managers knows about this account and we decided to keep it to ourselves, the account owner was a foreign business man coming to do business in Scotland before his death. We have no details of heirs or next of kin so the money will just end up being sucked up by the Bank.

We are the only two people at the bank with access to this information and we have decided to keep it that way and claim the money for ourselves using a third party who will take the place of the deceased next of kin.... and that's where you come into it.

If you are interested, We'll do all the paper work for you and the process will be completely risk free for the three of us. We will produce all the documents that will be required from you by the Bank as the new beneficiary.

Obviously we'd be looking to take a cut of the funds ourselves, so we propose 70/30, I and my colleague will take 35% of the funds each leaving you with a very generous 30%.

Again, sorry for intruding in your email.

Hope to hear from you.

Steve Morgan

For more details, kindly contact me through the email address below:

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