Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dr.andrewcole@hotmail.co.uk = Scam

Dear Friend,

I am Dr. Andrew Cole. I work for Ernst and young Pharmaceutical consultant company in UK,i got your contact from
the international business directory, through desperate search for a reliable business minded person who can stand as
my partner to the end for a mutual and urgent business transaction require Honesty, confidence and trust. This company
supplies herbs to Evergreen Pharmacy & Laboratory PLC UK, which is a raw material for research and development of
Anti HIV therapy,hypertension,Parkinson diseases, strokes etc.

This herbs is called REVIVO SEED.i did proposed to the company that i would be able to supply this product at
a good rate, and this product is been bought from a dealer in India at the rate of (55,000 rupees)($1,200.00) per a
packet and resell to EVERGREEN PHARMACY & LABORATORY PLC UK at the rate of ($4,800.00) (214,871.83 INR)
I had informed the Evergreen Pharmacy & Laboratory PLC UK. that i will supply at a good rate of ($2,800.00) per sachet
and which is equivalent to (125,344.23 INR) in India. I need someone that can do this business from India

I need a partner that i can present to the company as the dealer of the product in India in other to avoid conflict between
me and the company. i need someone that will supply this product to the said company, because I am unable to travel
at the moment because of the accident i heard recently, I have no intentions on losing out in profit as i need it to pay up
my hospital bills and it has seriously drained me. This is why i am approaching you to stand as a dealer in India, so that
you can purchase this herbs from the dealer and sell to EVERGREEN PHARMACY who will be sending there delegate
to purchase it from you at a stipulated price as stated above. I hope i am speaking to a reliable and God fearing person who
can assist me in supplying this product to the company from Indian. Am awaiting your urgent responds.

Best Regards,
Dr. Andrew Cole (Pharm)
336 Molesey Road, Hersham, Surrey, ,
United Kingdom.(Zip/Postal:KT12 3PD
Email: Dr.andrewcole@hotmail.co.uk

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