Monday, 18 July 2011 +27 799-55-57-56 = Scam

Kindly Open The Attached.

Your Attention Sir/Madam,

This e-mail is reaching you from the First National Bank South Africa (FNB), we wish to inform you that your funds of 3.5 Million US Dollars with our Bank have been approved by the Board yesterday to be transferred into your Bank account today. We strictly advise you to re-confirm your Bank account details to us immediately and your international passport copy to enable us complete your wire transfer and reflect your funds in your account in less than 74hrs.

Call Operational Manager: (Mr. Ruben Motley) Tel: +27 799-55-57-56

Thank you for your attention

Ref: SARB/PED/FNB/101/2011
Telegrams: 12409
Operational Manager: (Ruben Motley) Tel: +27 799-55-57-56

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