Saturday, 16 July 2011

00233-540224169 = Scam

Dear sir/madam,

I am most grateful to contact your high esteemed company in terms of joint business partnership. I will be most grateful to do business with you and shall herein be referred to as investor whereas you shall be referred to as the investment manager.

Presently, we have a commodity of 270kg of raw gold dust 22carat / 95+% purity which I will like you to sell and invest the money on behalf of us.

We will be most grateful if you could outline on a few questions below for benefit of doubt:-

a) Apart from your company or field of business, what kind investment do you suggest and think we can put the funds into after selling the gold
b) How much profit can we make monthly or per annum?
c) What percentage do you require as investment manager?
d) Can we present you as my beneficiary or overseas partner to claim the gold from the safe
deposit and ship whiles we allocate 5% face value for your expenses before investing the rest of the funds?

We look forward to your immediate response and as well count on your maximum cooperation.


Mr Paul Owusu.(For Family)

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