Friday, 15 July 2011 = Scam

Please permit our introduction

Greetings, I am James Goodman and my Sister's name Linda we have come across your name and contact as we search the mail for a very good partner. Briefly we will explain a business to you and if it would be to your interest, then we can move ahead to effectively build this business relationship. we have inherited the sum of 5 million dollars from Our late father. The funds had been with a bank here in my country. As a result of some agreement clause, they could not release the funds to us here locally.

In one occasion we went to the bank, a director of the bank called us and explained to us that even if we want to transfer the funds out to the account of a foreign partner, that it would take much time, lawyers and many expenses. He explained to us that the rigors are so much and most foreign partners might not be interested to involve in such expenditure because of the fear of scam.

He advised us that, we can get a foreign partner but instead of transferring the funds to the account of the foreign partner, the bank will offer an ATM card to my partner. The ATM card is a PREMIUM PLATINUM CARD and this would allow us to make withdrawals of the fund in your country to the tune of 50,000-100,000 dollars per day. He explained to us that the card is good and would be sent to the contact of my foreign partner by DHL or FEDEX. If you are interested to partner with ud, please reach back to us for details and we can also discuss my investment plans.Thank you and May God bless you and your family. Kind Regards, /
James and Linda Goodman.

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