Tuesday, 10 December 2013

honeycottmarkfish@yahoo.com = Scam

OFFICE OF THE SENATE PRESIDENT FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN PAYMENT (RESOLUTION PANEL ON FOREIGN PAYMENT ABUJA-NIGERIA. WEBSITE: www.nassnig.org Email: honeycottmarkfish@yahoo.com ATTENTION: In regards to your fund transfer, we the entire members of the federal house of senate has approved the above documents in your name to enable us concluded this final stage of your transfer before 23rd May, 2014. The Bank involved include Union Bank plc, in collaboration with Central Bank of Nigeria . We the entire members of the house has finalized on our last meeting with the head of state and placed this decision of all this transfering documents as $400(Four Hundred Dollars) only, which you have to send now so that the GNAB will be issued to you. Also be informed that the board has met today and endorse the transfer, the process has began, as this decisions has been placed with all the top government officials involved on the transfer including the Bank directors. You have to note carefully that the contents of the article of law established under the bank of Nigeria foreign transfer of page 67, cap 10 under paragraph 6, which state clearly that under no circumstance will a huge amount above $1million be remitted to overseas account without GNAB. And such fund will be disbursed into government account as seize fund. This was the main reason why the fund has not gotten to your Bank for many years. Therefore the Bank board and other top officials are demanding for these Government Non Assessment Bonds (GNAB) belonging to our client which is you otherwise there will be a problem, meanwhile the house has promised them that the Gnab will be forwarded by our client,Which is necessary for record purposes. We the entire members of the house of senate are using this urgent medium to advise you to make payment of your GNAB fee of $400 without any further delay. Be rest assured that our appointment to handle and take care of the movement of the fund will not be in vain as we are giving you 100% guarantee to deliver the work as soon as your western union information reach us at our house email address as it is not less than 24hours that the order was placed. Note that your fund will be free to move from the Bank without any delay if you get the Governments Non Assessment Bonds (GNAB) which is $400 only to make sure that no government monitor or agent can access the fund during the delivery remittance. You have to get the GNAB written on your name and stamped before the fund credit to your Bank account. This was why we have not approved or sign off the bonds of your transfer registry today as the Bank insists on the GNAB. Based on these explanations, you are hereby advised to send payment information of $400 through our email address on or before 23rd May, 2013 as the closing date placed. This GNAB will show that the transaction was made through the full capacity of the government and will not be queried for certain circumstance. Use the information bellow for the payment of the $400 GNAB requirements: Sender`s Name:--- Sender`s Location:----- Receiver name:Kenneth David location: Lagos- Nigeria. Text question--- call me Answer---- Yes AMount: $400 Mtcn--- Bear in mind that this is the final stage of this transfer. As soon as this is done, it will take only 24hours for the fund to be credited in your designated Bank account, you will be contacted by your Bank herself. Best Regards. SENATOR. MARKfish Honeycott SENATE PRESIDENT (Federal Republic of Nigeria) Email: honeycottmarkfish@yahoo.com

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