Thursday, 19 December 2013 = Scam

Dear E-mail User,
After a random automated selection of email addresses over the internet,your email emerged as one of our special winners to receive £3,152,190.00and is attached to the following details:FILE CATEGORY - LOTUK/UK01/2013Ticket No: 68/837Reference Number: 48,DH,83/LOTUKTo confirm the authenticity and validity of your winnings as well as tocommence receipts of your entitlement, you MUST FORWARD a copy of thisannouncement as well as your
FULL NAMES -VALID MOBILE/CELL NO. -COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE -to our Winnings Director via contact information below:
Mr.Darren Harvey,Winnings Director,Automated Winnings Department,Email:
Yours faithfully,Geoffrey Phillip,Automated Winnings Coordinator,Automated Winnings DepartmentEmail:

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