Thursday, 19 December 2013 +44-773-156-9065 = Scam

Registered office 3 Whitehall Court,
London, SW1A 2EL
United Kingdom.

Attention Beneficiary,
Under the United Nations CHARITY ORGANIZATION PROGRAM rehabilitation scheme, Your E-Mail address has been shortlisted through our worldwide Internet data search. You are listed and approved to receive payment of USD $800,000.00 as one of our United Nation's Charity poverty organization agent. Your name and country was enlisted in our website Publication as one of the lucky beneficiaries to the Compensation Fund payment to help do the charity work and invest. You are advised to use this fund for a charity work in your country. Many Children are waiting for that someone who will make them realize their dream of education. What means very little to us means a lot to them. We, the United Nation is entrusting the total sum of $800.000usd to help build a brighter further tomorrow and empower the less privileged ones in your community and your country today .

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Millennium Development Goals
1Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2Achieve universal primary education
3Promote gender equality and empower women
4Reduce child mortality
5Improve maternal health
6Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7Ensure environmental sustainability
8Develop a global partnership for development

HELP Build a better world for children, and the aged once today. Kindly note down Your Personal Identification Number correctly UN371/10/EN. Meanwhile you are to get in touch with the BRITISH supervising payment officer ASAP via his given information to enable him direct you on the procedures involved and connect you with the payment Bank for issuance of your VISA CARD/FUND or transfer directly to your personal account as per our standing instruction. Therefore, Reconfirm Below your Full information to our payment Unit

(1)Your Full Name.
(2)Your Phone Number.
(3)Your Contact Address:
(4)Your Age.
(3) Your Date of Birth:
(4). Your Nationality:
(5). Your Country of Residence:
(6) Your Current City:
(7) Your Occupation:
( 8 ). Sex:
( 9). Marital Status:
(10). 2 recent passport photographs

You are advised to contact the compensation unit immediately for the release of your funds. Make sure you contact Dr John Brown on the below email.
Contact person: Dr John Brown
Board No: +44-773-156-9065
Address-3 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EL
United Kingdom.
© 2013 United Nations Development Program

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