Tuesday, 31 December 2013

colonelfreddyroland1@yahoo.com.ph = Scam


My Name is Col. Freddy Roland. I am an American, a colonel in the US Air force. I am presently serving in Afghanistan. I am a widower with only one child, a boy. My wife died 6 year ago of a breast cancer, and my only son is 12 years old and he is presently studying in UK. I know we do not know each other before now, but I strongly believe that we could be of a mutual help to each other.

I am not proud of what I am about to tell you, but I do not have any safe option hence I got involved. Few months ago my military colleagues and I found million of Euros stashed in an apartment here in Afghanistan. I suggested to my colleagues that we hand over the cash to the appropriate authority, but most of my colleagues suggested that we share the fund amongst ourselves. I didn't want to stand alone as opposition so I joined them to share this fund. I received exactly 6.3 Million euro as my own share. I know it's wrong and it has been disturbing me since then.
I would have reported this matter to the appropriate authority but would either end up in jail, or be killed by my colleagues or put my little boy in harm's way, which was not an option for me as I want to see my boy grow to be a man.
I have successfully deposited this fund in a bank in Europe, but I am afraid that if such amount of money is discovered in my bank account, it would raise lots of question. So I was advised to relocate the fund into a different bank account that has nothing to do with me or my name that is the reason I am contacting you to assist me in providing a bank account in which I will relocate the fund.

I will submit your bank account information to the bank I deposited the money for onward remittance of the fund to you as soon as you provided me with a bank account information.

I will send the name and contact information of the bank including the deposit document I received from the bank the day I deposited the fund with them as soon as you give me your word that you will assist me.
I plan to resign from US Air force as soon as the fund is deposited into your bank account so that I could meet with you and share the fund among ourselves and maybe enter into business partnership, with you running the business since I would want to maintain a low profile.
I kindly wait for your urgent reply with my Email Contact: colonelfreddyroland1@yahoo.com.ph
Yours truthfully,
Freddy Roland (Colonel).

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