Thursday, 26 December 2013 = Scam

Good day Sir/Madam,

My name is Mrs Pooja Sharma from India. I am the marketing manager of wildlife zoological and veterinary laboratory Service in United Kingdom. Sir, my company is in serious need of this chemical called Funic liquid and we normally buy it in Australia, China and Kenya at the rate of 25,000 USD. And my company has found out that the best quality of Funic liquid is produced in India, and therefore we have decided that we will be coming to India every month to purchase the product.

The local dealer there in India sells at the rate of 9500 USD per 5 liters which I find that it is at a very cheaper price compared to what we have been buying it before in other countries.

Am contacting you because I want you to stand in as the local dealer there in India because am going to introduce you to my company and my boss as the local dealer of Funic liquid. However if you agree to my deal, we will have to sit and discuss how you benefit and how I benefit because in this matter, me and you will be making the profits of 15,500 USD in each 5 liters that the company buys, The company normally buys between 100-200 gallons of 5 liters every month. Therefore, you can make you own calculations and see how much money we will be getting from this deal every month. The reason why am doing all this is because I don't want the company to meet the real dealer thus our own benefits. Am looking for a trustworthy and legit person to transact the deal with. Am so much looking forward to working with you, if you are an interested person, please write to me to my private email Id, :

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