Saturday, 14 December 2013 = Scam


Good day to you. I am Mr. Buba Dibe of Metal Pac Gold Sarl Bamako-Mali west Africa. I will like to introduce you into a very good and profitable business which is gold also to let you know that we have quantities of gold ready for export so we are willing to start up a good business relationship with new buyers.

So if you’re ready and willing to do business then our conditions are very simple we have now 200kg ready for sale, we have our own mining place in two different villages here in Mali so you can ask your buyer if he or she is ready to do business with us.

a) COMMODITY: Aurum Utallum (AU)
b) FORM: Gold Bars.
c) PURITY: 92.05 % like minimum value and 93.05% like maximum value.
d) FINENESS: 22+ carats plus
f) ORIGIN: Mali / West Africa.
QUANTITY Available: 200kg
LOCAL PRICE: 36.000.00$ per kilo

We are willing and able to invite you to come over to our country if it’s ok with you or send to us your full detail so that we can send an invitation letter to you or your buyer to come over to our country and meet first with our company, then have a meeting and you will see the gold that we have available.

Once you’re here and meet with our company it will give you the opportunity to know more about our company, we will sign a contract and immediately we will ship the gold to your country and also send one of our company representative to accompany you with the gold to your refinery in other for him to witness the finally assay report.

The full payment of the gold will be only when it’s refined in your country and you get the assay report ok, that is when you will make the full payment.

Just get back to me with whatever you don’t understand for batter explanation we are fully ready and able to supply Thanks for your understanding.

Mr Buba Dibe.
Metal Pac Gold sarl.

bubadibe <>

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