Friday, 6 September 2013 = Scam

Dearest One

Good day to you! By this E-mail, I do sincerely apologies for my intrusion of your privacy. Your personality motivated me after going through your profile. I am Amina Ahmed from Damascus Syria, the only daughter of late Mr. Mrs. Sajid Ahmed from Syria my parents was killed in bomb explosion this year in the war that is going on in our country Syria. My late father was a veteran trade unionist, and a member of Syria Congress of Trade Unions.

Please, why i need your assistance is that my late father deposited the sum of (€7.6 million) seven million six hundred thousand Euros in a fix deposit account in a bank in Europe before his death. My late father wanted to use this money to establish a company in your country before his death. My intention of contacting you is to help me so that the bank in Europe will transfer this money to your bank account in your country then i will come over to stay with you in your country and you will help me to invest this money in good place in your country, because it is not wise doing business in the atmosphere of fear here in Syria, that's why i am calling on you. If you can honestly collaborate with me, I am ready to give you 20% of the total amount at end of the transaction if you can sincerely assist me to actualize this project soon, because the situation here in Syria is very critical, everyday bomb explosion seems to have no end. I want you to know
that all the important documents that the bank in France gave to my late father on the day he deposited this money with the bank is with me and I send it to you. Please reply me with this Email addressee:

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Amina Ahmed Sajid

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