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Date: 30th of August , 2013



Dear Sir,

I am contacted you based on the request by an investor Mr. Arshad Mustafa a Swisscitizen and his need for investment/funding in your company. My name is SolicitorC. Luis . a solicitor and personal lawyer to the investor Mr. Arshad Mustafa.

My company most times represents the interests of very wealthy investors -[HIGHNET-WORTH INDIVIDUALS ] due to the sensitivity of the position they holdin their societies and the unstable investment environment of theircountry, they evacuate majority of their funds into more stable economies anddeveloped nations where they can get good yield for their funds.

Mr. Arshad Mustafa, whom I had personally worked with few years ago with a proposal,recently, approached me that he wants an individual/company that will assisthim to invest the sum of - [ USD500.000.000.00 - Five Hundred Million USD] in bank guaranty on his behalf in a good profitable business in your company/countryfor a period of 10 years for a start. The total amount available in BankGuarantee is USD5Billion, but an initial USD500Million is approved forinvestment. Mr Arshad Mustafa has being diagnosed of lung cancer and thishas necessitated in his search for an investment manager to stand as his nextof kin since he has no wife or children to inherit his estate runninginto millions of dollars.

You are required to provide me with your complete information including your InternationalPassport copy to enable me commence documentation between you and my Client forthe Liquidation of the Bank Guaranty valued for USD 500million.Note that thePOF on this transaction is available and all necessary legal documentation willbe executed before actual liquidation / transfer of the fund is executed toyour bankers as this is a very legitimate transaction.

The Investor also offers you 30% for your assistance, 60% for him to be managedby you also for 10years and 10% will be set aside to cover re-payment of expensesincurred in the liquidation / Investment process. The investor requires aFoundation opened in his name before he dies as the doctors say he has lessthan 2 months to live. This is a very Legitimate Transaction and all requiredLegal documents will be issued and sent to you for your signature before thetransaction is completed.

We look forward to a cordial business relationship with you , for more details and also send me an email to and call me on + 44(203)5141923 .

Best regards.
Solicitor C. Luis

Principal Attorney 

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