Sunday, 29 September 2013 = Scam

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr. Smith Lee, a citizen of Malaysia. I'm writing to seek for your assistance in collecting my money from my client in America and Canada.
Some years back I made some investment in America. I have asked that the investment be liquidated and the money transferred to me so I could inject the funds into business here in Malaysia, which has been badly affected for the past years due to the economic recession.
But I was told by my client, that for one reason and the other that they have a new policy not to transfer funds out of America for now. Meanwhile, I wanted to travel to America to get the funds myself, but my
doctor advice against it, that due to my present state of health I cannot make such a long distance trip. So I was told to provide an account in the America or Someone to receive the funds on my behalf.
Please let me know if you can receive the funds on my behalf and forward to me as this does not require any form of expertise or expenses from you. I just need someone with high integrity and you shall be entitle to 13% of the money you receive and forward me the balance 87%, Please note, i am not asking any money from you neither am i asking you to spend a cent from your pocket.
Please do contact me on  or with your full names / company name to issue the cheque, contact address, contact phone number, occupation, sex, prove /means of identification or your driver's license, bank details; please let me know if you can handle this so that I forward you the information of the contact and make arrangement on how to receive the funds.

Mr. Smith Lee

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