Sunday, 29 September 2013 = Scam

I'm Fatima Kouba from Ivory Coast . I am a college student and I am 20
years old.My farther was a famous rich farmer until death took him away in
the year 2012.He died in auto accident. Although I have not met you before,
but I believe that to succeed sometimes in life one must take risks,
trusting in someone said my late father.

I want to enter into a mutual business relationship with you. I am in
possession of a reasonable amount of money which I want to invest in your
country. Recently, I took the decision to transfer and invest this money
in overseas due to political problems in my country.

My only problem is to get a capable and honest person who can help me to
transfer and invest this money in a reliable and profitable investment.
Presently, this money is still in the bank and I am the sole beneficiary.

As soon as you show me your interest to help me, The amount deposited in
the bank is 4.2 million, I am willing to offer you 20% of the total money
while 80% will be used for investment when transferred to your account.

I hope to receive your sincere reply.

Fatima Kouba
this is my email:

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