Sunday, 1 September 2013

+ 229 67 34 96 55 = Scam

Dear My Good Friend,

This is to inform you that the Fund Recovery Agency, Ministry of Finance of the Government of The Benin Republic has recovered some seized funds from the Western Union Office and Courier Services Companies including Banks during the ongoing first quarter of the year's financial accounts and reports activity. It has been discovered that your name and information was among the beneficiaries who could not conclude their transactions did not receive their entitled fund from the above mentioned institutions according to the report on your payment file recovered during the recovery operations.

The reason why this fund has not be sent to you was an out of trust from you and other people involved in this regard as the recent investigations revealed. Right now this fund have been deposited with the Economic Community of West African States, E.C..OW.A.S Apex Bank which is the "Central Bank Of West African States" by the Government with mandate that this fund should be paid to you through International Certified Visa ATM CARD and fund will be withdraw able from any ATM MACHINE cash point in part of the World without any further procedures because of all the delays you have encountered because all the necessary official charges in regards of this fund have be paid by the Benin Republic Government on the condition that once you receive this ATM CARD and start withdrawing funds from it, you will refund the Government the fee that they paid on your behalf which is USD$18,000.00. You are also required to know that the total cash value of your ATM CARD is USD$1.5 Million.

If you agree on the condition of refunding the Government the mentioned amount USD$18,000.00 which they spent in order to finalize your fund release and your payment via ATM VISA CARD, you are hereby required to reconfirm your full
information for the delivery of your ATM CARD without further delays within 4 days through DHL Courier Services.

Please provide the below required information:

Full name: ......................
Address: ....................... ..........
Phone no: ............................ ............
A copy of your International Passport Or Identity Card Or Driver's
License...................... ...

As soon as you have complied with the instructions, your ATM CARD will be delivered to you in 4 days time after we received the information for the delivery.


Mr. Frank Yike,

+ 229 67 34 96 55.Fund Recovery Agency, Ministry Of Finance, Government Of The Republic Of Benin.

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